Hy-Pro Duet

HY-PRO Duet is a fungicide seed treatment for winter oilseed rape. It gives you control of the most important diseases including damping off diseases and Phoma. Ideally HY-PRO Duet should be co-applied with insecticide seed treatments such as Modesto or Chinook.

Why HY-PRO Duet?

HY-PRO Duet delivers broad-spectrum disease control resulting in improved establishment and seedling health. A key strength of HY-PRO Duet is the reduction of Phoma infection on the cotyledons and first true leaf.

Main advantages

  • Excellent crop safety on all varieties of winter oilseed rape
  • Improved seedling numbers and vigour
  • Perfect fit with second generation insecticide treatments like Modesto

Getting the best from HY-PRO Duet

Oilseed rape is commonly attacked by pests such as flea beetle and aphids during the establishment phase. To ensure a successful crop, HY-PRO Duet should be co-applied with an insecticide seed treatment.

HY-PRO Duet is the start point of a Phoma protection programme and a timely Phoma foliar fungicide applied in the early autumn builds on this early protection.

Important things to remember

  • HY-PRO Duet-treated seed must not be broadcast or autocast
  • Treated seeds must always be covered by soil
  • Do not leave any seed available on the surface to wildlife – clear up spills

HY-PRO Duet as part of a programme

For best results a fungicide plus insecticide seed treatment combination should be used. HY-PRO Duet is ideally suited to be co-applied with Modesto (clothianidin and beta-cyfluthrin) on all crops, including hybrids, or with Chinook (beta-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid) on higher seed rate conventional varieties.

HY-PRO Duet only gives protection against seed-borne or seedling infections of disease. So to continue the disease protection, a programme of sprays of Proline275 (prothioconazole) is recommended.